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Facial Aesthetics

In Expressions Dental & Cosmetic Clinic, we offer several treatments that are designed to enhance and complement your natural features.  These services are offered with a full and comprehensive examination, in a warm and welcoming environment with the utmost discretion.  These treatments are offered separately from our dental business, but can often work well with cosmetic dental work.  The Irish Dental Council do not consider this kind of work the practice of dentistry, but Sarah has been extensively and appropriately trained in this area and is fully indemnified for these procedures.

Anti-wrinkle Injectables

These can be useful for slowing the advancement of fine lines and wrinkles that can contribute to the signs of premature ageing, they can be applied in numerous areas dependent on your presentation.  They can be placed to eliminate the look of tiredness, by placement around the brow or eyes.  Dr. Sarah Rymer is an expert in the area of facial anatomy and will be able to tailor the treatment plan exactly to you and your features.  It is important to remember that untreated areas are not affected nor are normal expressions such as smiling.​

Dermal Fillers

These are used just under the skin to treat fine lines, wrinkles, dents and folds.  This could include nasolabial folds (from the nose to the corner of the lips) and Marionette lines (from the corner of your lip towards your chin).  They can also be used to enhance facial features such as improving cheek definition. They are composed of the same organic compound that forms a lot of the connective tissue in the body, it is present in almost every cell.  Results can be seen straight away and can provide results lasting from 12-18 months.​

Lip Fillers

If your lips are thin, lacking definition, or are less full than they used to be, then again they can be enhanced by the use of subtle amounts of filler to complement the natural appearance.  This allows for a more youthful appearance.  In the before/after slider here, you can see that the impact of a more full upper lip can create the illusion of transforming the entire shape of the face.​




1 Area - €180

2 Areas - €280

3 Areas - €300


From €350

Lip Fillers

1 ml - €350

If you are interested in any of these services, contact Dr. Sarah Rymer to book in for a consultation and detailed assessment on: (0505) 21735  

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